Profile (December 2013)
Edward Tsang

Edward Tsang holds a first degree in Business Administration (major in Finance) and a PhD degree in Computer Science. Prior to his PhD studies, he worked for five years in management positions in services, trading and production industries in Hong Kong. He is currently a Professor in Computer Science at University of Essex. He has served the university in Senate, Council, Select Committee for Professors and Deputy Head (Research) at the Department of Computer Science.

Edward Tsang is the Director of Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA), which he co-founded in October 2002. CCFEA is an interdisciplinary research centre, which applies artificial intelligence methods to problems in finance and economics for synergy. It hosted four full time academics and 60 Master and PhD students at its peak. It has been sponsored by Olsen Ltd, HSBC, Olsen Ltd, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Ionic Sharescope and other companies. It has conducted joint projects with Bank of England.

Edward Tsang has international reputation in artificial intelligence. He is well known for his research in constraint satisfaction (a branch of combinatorial optimisation for decision support and scheduling) and computational finance and economics. Heuristic search and evolutionary computation are the main techniques used to these applications. He established and leads the Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation Research Laboratory and the Computational Finance Research Laboratory at the University of Essex. His book Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction is the most cited literature in the field.

Edward Tsang regularly serves the research community. He founded the Technical Committee in Computation Finance and Economics in IEEE’s Computational Intelligence Society in 2004, and chaired it until the end of 2005. He has served in editorial boards of IEEE Transactions in Evolutionary Computation, Constraints, the Journal of Scheduling and other journals. He has been a member of the Computing College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, UK) since 1997.

Edward Tsang’s research is highly industry-relevant. He has given consultation to GEC Marconi, British Telecom, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Allianz RAS, Causeway and other organizations. Guided Local Search, developed in his laboratory, has been embedded in ILOG DISPATCHER, a commercial product for vehicle routing.

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