Edward Tsang

Publications in Computational Finance

Publications in Constraint Satisfaction
Authored Books:

Alma Garcia Almanza & Edward Tsang, Evolutionary Applications for Financial Prediction: Classification Methods to Gather Patterns Using Genetic Programming, VDM-Verlag, 2011

Hassan Rashidi & Edward Tsang, Vehicle Scheduling in Port Automation, VDM-Verlag, 2010

Edward Tsang, Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction, Academic Press, 1993
Edited Books:

Alexandrova-Kabadjova B., S. Martinez-Jaramillo, A. L. Garcia-Almanza & E. Tsang (ed.), Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications, IGI Global, 2012

C. Ryan, T. Soule, M. Keijzer, E.P.K. Tsang, R. Poli, E. Costa (ed.), Genetic Programming, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2610, Springer Verlag, 2003
Selected book contributions:

C. Voudouris, E.P.K. Tsang & A. Alsheddy, Guided local search, Chapter 11, in M. Gendreau & J-Y Potvin (ed.), Handbook of Metaheuristics, Springer, 2010, 321-361

Staff Empowerment in Service Chain Management 2008

Local Search in Handbook of Constraint Programming 2006

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