Edward Tsang

My research can be roughly divided into two overlapping categories:
    Constraint Satisfaction & Optimization
    Computational Finance & Economics
Following are some of my major (overlapping) projects:

High Frequency Finance Project
Modelling, Simulation and machine learning (all projects / modelling in constraints / computational finance and economics)
Automatic Bargaining (Constraint-directed co-evolutionary in game theory)
The EDDIE Forecasting Project (EDDIE is a genetic programming tool for financial forecasting)
Flexible Workforce Management (market-based multi-objective scheduling)
Economic Wind Tunnels (modelling and testing new markets, policies and strategies)
Chance Discovery (Machine learning in situations where target instances are rare)
Computer-aided Constraint Programming (CACP) (Modelling in constraint satisfaction)
Adaptive Constraint Satisfaction (ACS) project (Changing search strategies dynamically)
Guided Genetic Algorithm (GGA) (GGA applies GLS principles in Genetic Algorithm)
Guided Local Search (GLS) (GLS is a general-purpose meta-heuristic method)
GENET (GENET is a neural network approach to constraint satisfaction)
Research Home Pages:
Research Home Page Constraint Satisfaction & Optimization Computational Finance & Economics

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