Past Teaching by Edward Tsang

KCL 7CCSMAMF - Agent-Based Modelling in Finance, 2017-18: ABMF / KEATS / EMS
Learning and computational intelligence in economics and finance: CF963-7-AU 2009-10 / 2010-11 / 2011-12 / 2012-13 / 2013-14 / 2015-16 / 2016-17
Industry Expert Lectures in Finance: CF968 2016-17 / previous years
Introduction to Computational Finance: CF101 2014-15
Constraint Satisfaction for Decision Making: CE884-7-SP 2008-09 / 2009-10 / 2010-11 / 2011-12 / 2012-13
Human-Computer Interface Design (2008-09): Notes for Part 1 / EE212-5-AU / CE653-7-AU
Intelligent Problem Solving: CC283-5-SP (2008-09)
Evolutionary Computation in Computational Finance (CCFEA Module CF902, 2006-2007) Teaching Material
Computational Finance: course material from Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)

Past Events

Call for papers, Quantitative Finance, Special Issue on Big Data Analytics; paper submission deadline 1st June 2014
Public talk: Economics: Rethink or sink, Cafe Scientifique, The Minories, 74 High Street, Colchester, UK, 6:30 for 7pm, 12 February 2014 (supporting material)
IEEE Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering & Economics (CIFEr), London, UK, 27-28 March 2014
19th Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA 2014), Tianjin, China, on 17-19, June 2014 (Call for papers)
IEEE 2014 World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI), Beijing, China, 6-11 July 2014
Finance Research Seminar: Directional Changes: a new way to look at market dynamics, IESEG School of Management, 3 rue de la Digue (room B252), Lille, France, 2:00pm, 22 January 2014 (supporting material)
Modeling High-Frequency Trading Activity Workshop, Banff, Canada, 1-6 September 2013
New book: Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications, Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Serafin Martinez-Jaramillo, Alma Lilia Garcia-Almanza and Edward Tsang, IGI-Global, 2012 (ISBN13: 9781466620117)
Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (TAAI), Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (TAAI 2013), Taipei, Taiwan, 6-8 December 2013
Market science Research: Video and Demo in High frequency finance project
CCFEA 10th Anniversary Workshop, 7 November 2012, Wivenhoe House
Workshop and Seminar on Computational Finance & Economics, Bank of Mexico, on 17 & 18 October 2012
CCFEA pre-sessional students visited HSBC on 19 September 2012
Barbecues organized by CCFEA students, 2012.07.12 and 2012.09.03
Call for submissions, David Norman Prize (for CCFEA students only)
WCCI 2012: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, 10-15 June 2012
CIFEr 2012: Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering & Economics, 30 March 2012, New York City
Photos from CCFEA Party 2012.01.23
Photos from CCFEA Party 2012.04.12
Han Ao wins the ShareScope Prizes 2011-12
Riccardo Lattanzi wins the Old Mutual Asset Managers Prize for the portfolio optimization competition 2011-12
Mateusz Gatkowski has won a David Norman Prize
Photos from CCFEA Party 2012.01.23
Photos from CCFEA Christmas Party 2011.12.21
Sad to lose a true scholar and a good friend, Tony Coxon, 2011
Modelling, Simulation and Machine Learning joins The Contested Planet project at IDCR, University of Essex, 2011
Photos from CCFEA students visiting Bank of England 28 September 2011
New MSc in Computational Intelligence at University of Essex
2011 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, New Orleans, 5-8 June 2011
Call for participation, CCFEA Workshop 2011 (Best Presentation Prize)
LION 5 Conference, Rome, Italy, 17-21 January 2011
Simulator: A Formalization of Double Auction Market Dynamics by Shaimaa Masry; released 2010.10.13
CCFEA Pre-sessional, 20 September to 1 October 2010 (course outline)
CCFEA Trader Training Course, 13-17 September 2010
UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, 8-10 September 2010 (photos)
    (Special Session on Computational Finance on Friday 10th September 2010)
    (Alsheddy & Tsang on Staff Empowerment ppt)
CP 2010 Conference, St Andrews, Scotland 6-10 September 2010 (photos)
Photos from CCFEA Summer Party, Wivenhoe Park, 15 July 2010
Workshop for Empirical Finance, Brunel University, 10 May 2010
CCFEA Workshop, 16-17 February 2010

CCFEA News Archive


A brief introduction on the calculus of market clearing on YouTube
New book: Evolutionary Applications for Financial Prediction: Classification Methods to Gather Patterns Using Genetic Programming, Garcia Almanza, A.L. and Tsang, E.P.K., VDM Verlag, 2011
2011.05.09: "The Dice Are Stacked Against Humanity” by Noam Chomsky
Richard Olsen and Clive Cookson, "How Science can prevent the next bubble", FT.COM 2009.02.12
Rashidi, H. and Tsang, E.P.K., Vehicle Scheduling in Port Automation, VDM Verlag, 2010 (new book)

Good leisure read:
The Undercover Scientist by Peter Bentley - well researched, well written

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