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I am an emeritus professor at the University of Essex. I co-founded the Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA) in 2002, and took up its Directorship from 1st August 2009 to 31st December 2016. I retired from the University of Essex on 1st November 2018 but remain active in research and consultancy.

I have broad research interest in applied artificial intelligence. My research can roughly be grouped into two overlapping areas: constraint satisfaction and computational finance and economics. Click <here> for my research home page.


James Chen passed his PhD viva on 7th May 2019
Tsang taught Artificial Intelligence in Finance at University of Hong Kong, January-February, 2011.
Tsang taught Advanced Topics in Computational Finance at University of Hong Kong, March-April, 2018.
Tsang taught 7CCSMAMF: Agent Based Modelling in Financeat King's College, London, Autumn, 2017-18.
Tsang gave a invited talk via video at the 1st Computational Finance Competition, 26th August 2017, Hong Kong; This talk, "Computational finance - synergy between computation and finance", is available on YouTube
Tsang retired from University of Essex, 31st October 2017. He was appointed Emeritus Professor from 1st November 2017.
Tsang on Al Jazeera: Counting the Cost, 14 January 2017 from 17'17" to 21'50"
Tsang's opinions: "Algorithms 'could wipe out the global economy', experts fear" reported by Sky News, 2017.01.01 (interviewed on 2016.10.21)
Paper published on Directional Changes:
Second Edition of the book Vehicle Scheduling in Port Automation, Rashidi & Tsang was published on 2015.08.14
Video explaining why classical economics was built on shaky grounds, by Edward Tsang, released 2014.01.30
Video explaining Directional Changes by Edward Tsang, released 2013.11.14
Demonstrator on Directional Changes by Ao Han, released 2013.07.13
Video explaining Computational Finance, released 2013.10.06 (Chinese version on YouTube / Weibo released 2013.10.22
Video explaining what Directional Change is, released 2013.09.13
Call for papers, IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics (CIFEr) 2019 Conference, Shenzhen, China, 4th-5th May 2018, (Extended) Deadline: 8th December 2018
Call for papers, Special Issue on "Algorithms in Computational Finance", The Algorithms Journal (ISSN 1999-4893), Deadline: 15th September 2018
2nd International Academic Conference on Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Knowledge Economy, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, (XIME), India, 30-31 March 2017
First International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communications, and Business Analytics (CICBA-2017) (joint-sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society), March 24-25, 2017, at Calcutta Business School, India
Call for papers, IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, Special Issue on Data Driven Computational Intelligence for e-Governance, Soci-Political and Economic Systems; paper submission deadline 1st March 2017
2016 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering & Economics (IEEE CIFEr'16), Athene, Greece, 6-9 December 2016
2015 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering & Economics, (IEEE CIFEr'15) Cape Town, South Africa, 7-10 December 2015; paper submission deadline 14 June 2015
Call for papers, Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), Lodz, Poland, 13-16 September 2015; paper submission deadline 1 June 2015
The 2015 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI 2015) Tainan, Taiwan, 20-22 November 2015; paper submission deadline 30 July 2015
Good reads:
Selected articles for computational finance students
Rothbard, M., What has Government Done to Our Money?, Ludwig von Mises Institute, fifth edition, 2005 (First published, Murray Rothbard 1963)
Tsang: Economic markets need warning system to avert crashes, New Scientist, 18 April 2012 (full text in Market Science)
"How to forecast a financial crisis" by Clive Cookson on FT Magazine 30 March 2012 (pdf)


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