Guide to Assignment in Industry Expert Lectures (CF968)

A good piece of research should clearly state what it is about, what literature it is based on and what your conclusions are. Your conclusions must be based on your analysis, which must be clearly presented. Think what a reader could take away after reading your research.

Your task is to conduct an in-depth research on one of the topics covered in one of the lectures.

  1. Pick a topic from the expert lectures that most interests you.
  2. Decide what you want to research in. For example, "how is blockchain going to change banking?" "how to build a risk model?"
  3. Apart from material from the lecture, you may base your research on web resources, magazines, newspapers, technical papers, books, etc.
  4. Construct meaningful statements to summarise what you have read from your sources. These statements form your analysis.
  5. Draw conclusions from your analysis. Defend your conclusions rigorously.
  6. Present your analysis clearly.

How to score good marks

  1. Your report must be readable. That is essential.
  2. The flow of the report must be logical (not confusing).
  3. Arguments must be convincing.
  4. A distinction piece of research always have something special. Showing insight into the subject is special.
  5. Do not lose marks on spelling, spacing, format!

The above advice is given by Edward Tsang; last updated 2016.04.14