Getting Started:
A Quick Guide to New MSc Students

This guide is mainly for new MSc in Computational Finance and MSc in Algorithmic Trading students.

Choosing your modules

  1. Overview of modules:
    For an overview of modules for CCFEA MSc's, click here.
    For an overview of modules for all CSEE MSc's, click here.
  2. Options:
    For MSc in Algorithmic Trading, you have more options. You are welcome to discuss your options with the staff.
    For MSc in Computational Finance, you have two options:
    • Programming options: You can choose between Matlab and Python. They are both good languages to learn. Matlab may help your other modules more than Python.
    • General options: The most popular optional modules are:
      • BE364 Trading Global Financial Markets
      • CF965 High Frequency Finance and Empirical Market Micro-Structure
  3. Changing your modules:
    You can change your modules anytime before the end of the second teaching week. You can change your Spring Term modules before the end of the second teaching week in the Spring Term.

Join CCFEA Alumni on LinkedIn

Although you have yet to complete your studies, you should join the Alumni on LinkedIn. This is a closed group. Joining would allow you to see who has gone where.

For Chinese students, join the CCFEA CHINA Group in WeChat

That is where our Chinese alumni usually meet.

The above advice is given by Edward Tsang; last updated 2016.10.07